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    Brass Parts

    • OEM Brass Machining Parts

      OEM Brass Machining Parts

      China OEM?Brass machining parts?made of brass alloy 360, which is known as a free cutting copper-zinc-lead alloy that has the highest machinability among all copper alloys. The 360 brass properties are similar to steel, it has high density, high strength, and corrosion...
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    • Brass Custom Machining

      Brass Custom Machining

      What is it about brass? More understated than gold, but still gold-ish, it makes everything look just a little bit . It’s also relatively affordable, the ultimate cheap-but-expensive-looking material,We offer Brass? parts Turned? Components to user drawings and prints We...
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    • Brass Couplings And Hose Barb Fittings

      Brass Couplings And Hose Barb Fittings

      Is Brass safe for drinking water? Brass?Pipe Highly resistant to corrosion as well as damage from heat and?water,?brass?is also a soft metal that allows the installer to create a tight seal. It has a heavier wall than copper but offers many of the same benefits, including...
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    • Brass Lighting Components

      Brass Lighting Components

      We Offers Special Lamp Holders Brass ceramic lamp holders Lamp Parts lamp Components Brass Lamp Accessories Components Brass Components Lighting Components Brass Lighting Parts Brass Lighting Components lamp Holders Lamp parts Electrical Lamp Holders Lighting Accessories,Lamp...
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    • Customized Brass CNC Machining And Cutting Clamp Nut

      Customized Brass CNC Machining And Cutting Clamp Nut

      Brass is an alloy of composed of copper and zinc. Only made up of copper, zinc, is called the ordinary brass, if it is by two or more elements of a variety of special brass alloy is called special brass.Brass is often used in the manufacture of valves, pipes, pin, radiator...
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    • Brass Plumbing House Fittings Coupling

      Brass Plumbing House Fittings Coupling

      The departments of forging and machining are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring high efficiency, high precision and production flexibility. We can offer?the Other surface treatment.
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      our produce forged and machined brass parts for plumbing, forgings and machined parts for bathroom. Each production stage is carried out in-house and guaranteed by careful monitoring of every single activity.
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    • Brass Casting Copper Casting

      Brass Casting Copper Casting

      Our offered casting is manufactured using high-grade copper that is widely known for its corrosion resistance, optimum strength, and flawless finish. Moreover, we provide this casting in different customized options in accordance with the specific requirement of our esteemed...
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      This more adaptable of the lighting fitting, The different industrial, mid-century feel, but for this one, you can choose to pair it up with any of the surface of options available. Pointing up, or pointing down!
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    • CNC Machined Brass Parts

      CNC Machined Brass Parts

      Since few material types are easier to CNC machine than brass, brass CNC Screw machine parts and cnc machining is widely-used throughout the globe. Brass generally refers to Copper alloys where the primary alloying material beside Copper is Zinc Our range of precision Brass...
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    • Ball Valves

      Ball Valves

      Ball valves are designed with a ball inside the valve. The ball has a hole through the middle so that when the hole is in line with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When the valve is closed by turning the ball 90 degrees, the hole is perpendicular to the ends of the...
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    • Brass Plumbing Parts

      Brass Plumbing Parts

      We also give you more design about Shower Faucet Parts,we can design handle parts,lighting parts,Brass Screws,Brass Elbows,Faucet Tips,Brass Nuts,Brass Shoulders ,Brass Valves,Brass Valve Fittings.
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