• Faucet Escutcheon

    • Black Copper Hot And Cold Square Faucet Square Bases

      Black Copper Hot And Cold Square Faucet Square Bases

      ?The design is chic and simple, with a squared handle, base, and body leading to the dual-function sprayer, All parts are covered in a tarnish-resistant finish to coordinate with your kitchen decor.Transcend your home into a futuristic utopia with this faucet’s brilliant...
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    • Kitchen Faucet Base Square

      Kitchen Faucet Base Square

      Simple and unique design makes the faucet look superior. In addition, it makes the faucet more refreshing under different surface treatments.
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    • Faucet Handle Bases

      Faucet Handle Bases

      Since ,1987 we have been a household name in gorgeous faucets and accessories. our product guaranteed to resist scratching, corrosion, and discoloration, With such a rich history and continuing innovation, may be it is your first choice.
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    • Faucet Handle Bases Escutcheon

      Faucet Handle Bases Escutcheon

      Our product, we believe there are better ways to experience water with history. This conviction goes beyond design to find the evolution for faucet,This is not only the bridge between designers and consumers, but also the communication between the two of the times.
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    • Arc Brass Escutcheon

      Arc Brass Escutcheon

      From finishes that are guaranteed to last a lifetime, to handle that perfectly balance your water pressure This product features a polished brass finish offers a bright, highly reflective look for timeless style.
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    • HEX Bases of Handle Faucet

      HEX Bases of Handle Faucet

      This Faucet Handle bases offers great function and value for your life. also this bases looks like smple,but this design hides a very special connotation,if you want your barthroom look different,maybe this is you first choice.
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    We're well-known as one of the leading faucet escutcheon manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and competitive price. Please feel free to buy bulk faucet escutcheon made in China here and get free sample from our factory. For customized service, contact us now.
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