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    • Three-hole Split Faucet

      Three-hole Split Faucet

      Environmental protection low lead brass casting, one-piece thick design, imitation burst, anti-corrosion, anti-rust Built-in ceramic valve core, excellent quality, no leakage after repeated opening and closing tests, comfortable and smooth feel, easy and flexible opening...
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    • Classical Basin Faucet

      Classical Basin Faucet

      Using healthy and environmentally friendly low lead brass, smelted at high temperature and gravity die-casting to ensure healthy effluent Each process is integrated into the heart of the craftsman. The natural combination of art and practicality creates a different...
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    • Split Basin Faucet Chrome

      Split Basin Faucet Chrome

      Keep improving, Satisfying every aspect of life with quality, giving you real bathing enjoyment Made of low-lead brass, hand-polished, multi-layer electroplated, bright surface, corrosion and high temperature resistance Fine copper ceramic valve core, smooth opening and...
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    • Home Bathroom Copper Faucet Chrome

      Home Bathroom Copper Faucet Chrome

      Extravagant and glorious, simple and extraordinary, American bathroom style, simple in shape, beautiful in heart Low-lead brass thickening casting is preferred, which has the advantages of forging resistance, corrosion resistance, good forming, etc. Multi-layer...
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    • Three-hole Basin Faucet Golden

      Three-hole Basin Faucet Golden

      Three-hole basin faucet All copper thickened and thickened threads are not easy to leak, easy to disassemble, every detail has been carefully treated, even small accessories Superb ceramic disc valve, after millions of tests, does not leak, wear resistance, high temperature...
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      A different design,this Widespread Bathroom Faucet is an ideal complement to any bathroom style. This faucet displays a striking finish and sophisticated metal handles.A straightforward design, this Widespread Bathroom Faucet is an ideal complement to any bathroom style. This...
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