Many objects in the bathroom have been used for a long time, and the surface will be covered with a layer of stains. At this time, we need to deal with the stains. So how to quickly clean the bathroom sanitary ware stains, Xiaobian share shower, faucet, wash basin cleaning. Because these sanitary ware will always be contaminated by shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, soap and other items in the bathroom for a long time, you must always know the cleaning method.

Shower cleaning

For the shower, cleaning the scale is the most important. Usually, you can remove the net cover or other components that absorb the scale at the shower head, clean it with a brush, and then return to the original place. In addition, the chrome-plated surface of the shower will become dull, and you can spray neutral detergent on a soft cloth, and then wipe the faucet.

Basin cleaning

The hand basin at home will be deposited and contaminated with various pollutants for a long time. If it is a porcelain basin, you can use soft bristles or a sponge with a neutral detergent to clean it. Do not pour it directly into hot water to avoid the basin cracking.

If it is a bottom-mounted washbasin, pay special attention to the dead corner of the joint below the countertop and the basin. The faucet in the bathroom will lose its luster after using it for a long time. When cleaning, like the shower, avoid using cleaners and wipes that damage the polished metal surface. Immediately after wiping, rinse the residual detergent with water, and then use a soft damp cloth to remove any residual water on the surface.

Faucet cleaning

The hard water marks on the faucet are the hardest to clean. You can wipe them gently with the same amount of white vinegar and water solution.

Don't underestimate these small sanitary wares, in fact, they have many connections with our lives. The toilet also relies on these sanitary wares to show us a very comfortable bath space.

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