There are a few common misunderstandings about showers, and our customer service often encounters them. We will also popularize them here. You can learn about it. If you encounter such problems in the future, you can also know the solution.

1. Is there water in the newly purchased shower faucet?

Every new shower faucet will test the water before leaving the factory to see if there are leaks. Some factories will allow water to flow, and some factories will allow air to flow. If the water is allowed to flow, some water may be left inside. If it comes to your hands a few weeks after production, the stored water may not be dry.

This situation is rare, but people who encounter it will think that someone else has used it and then sold it to him. In fact, this is not the case. Testing the water is a necessary step.

2. After the shower is installed, why is the pipe outside?

The decorative cover can't cover this problem, mainly because when it is used for water and electricity, the outlet of the water pipe is left too long. Generally, the default decorative cover is a unified standard. If it is not long enough, the solution is very simple. You can buy an extended decorative cover online for more than ten or twenty dollars.

3. After the shower is turned off, why does it drip water?

Every time after the shower is used up, the water will keep flowing, sometimes it suddenly pops out after using it for a long time, which is strange and scary.

This is actually because the current large top sprays are relatively large. After using the top spray, water will be stored between the top spray and the vertical rod. When it is used up, sometimes the air pressure inside is balanced with the outside air pressure, so it will not flow out, and it will come out after a period of time when the air pressure balance is broken.

This solution is also simple. After using the top spray every time, adjust it to the lower faucet and wash your feet, so that the top spray and the water stored in the vertical rod will flow away together, and no problem will occur.

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