• Shower Head

    • Gold Shower Ceramic Handle

      Gold Shower Ceramic Handle

      This beautiful handshower is made from brass with a porcelain handle to give a luxurious look to your shower and cater for everyone's requirements. These are not made of plastic.
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    • Handheld Shower Chrome

      Handheld Shower Chrome

      shower faucet parts cartridge roman tub, bathroom faucets bathtub faucet at shower fixtures valve, stall s home tile parts sets door bathroom replacement remodel shower faucet roman tub cartridge, bathroom faucet aerator , shower valve repair kit single handle bathroom...
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    • Handheld Shower

      Handheld Shower

      bathroom faucets amazing for on shop shower valve repair kit replacement single handle faucet, bath sink faucets shower faucet bathroom valve repair kit accessories, bath faucets tub faucet lovely bathroom accessories single handle shower repair kit valve replacement,...
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    • Five Holes Chrome Showerhead

      Five Holes Chrome Showerhead

      Made using brass, this shower faucet trim is sturdy and durable. This shower faucet is available in a multitude of finishes permitting you to select the best one that suits your requirement. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, then this shower faucet trim is an...
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    • Three Holes Chrome Showerhead

      Three Holes Chrome Showerhead

      After a long stressful day or first thing in the morning, nothing beats a nice, calming shower to brighten up your day,this showerhead No matter what your bathroom’s design or look is, this shower head will provide a touch of style and elegance that will never fail to delight...
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    • Single Hole Chrome Showerhead

      Single Hole Chrome Showerhead

      In a world where homes and families are becoming smaller and smaller this ingenious house is a refreshing change of pace both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics,so this universal showerhead kit is perfect for upgrading your mobile home and RV bathrooms.
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    We're well-known as one of the leading shower head manufacturers and suppliers in China for our quality products and competitive price. Please feel free to buy bulk shower head made in China here and get free sample from our factory. For customized service, contact us now.
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